Wang Keping

1949, Beijing, China

One of the most important artists of one of the most important artistic movements in the history of contemporary China, Wang Keping began carving his first wood sculptures with the dream of working someday in bronze, the material of master sculptors. In 1984, he moved to Paris and discovered different wood species and allowed himself to be guided and inspired by the natural forms of the material, discovering new possibilities of unique expressions. (…)

Artist W. Keping.

The simplicity of calligraphic line coupled to the technique of burnt black patina gives a radical imprint these allusive wood sculptures. The artist is interested in searching for that which reveals the manifestation of a presence. Embracing characters of Chinese culture, sculptures, sculptural forms emerge that are full of sensuality, at times even erotic. In the early 1990s, Wang Keping began to produce bronzes, selecting very carefully which of his wooden sculptures would best highlight the eternal beauty of this noble material. (…)

Artist W. Keping.

Wang Keping’s bronze production can be found in prestigious private collections and museum internationally, among bronze by Rodin, Bourdelle, Moore and many others. Numerous exhibitions have been dedicated to Wang Keping all over the world. His oeuvre and artistic signature remain to this day unique, an emblematic symbol of the birth of Chinese contemporary art.
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