Max B

1949, Marseille, France

Max B. began to paint his first canvases on bed sheets at age ten. At barely 14, he entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Marseille. His chromatic and tonal semantics of everyday life would develop intimately tied to the South of France. (…)

Artist Max B.

Claiming not to have ties with any one movement, Max B. has nevertheless a firmly established reputation as a major figure within the French New Figuration movement, which emerged in the mid 1960’s in opposition to the prevailing abstraction of the previous decade. His powerful, free style, simple and direct, influenced subsequent generations of Neo Expressionist painters like Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Artist Max B.

A master at his craft and a powerful storyteller, Max B. is also a prolific artist. He continues to paint today at his Provence XVIIth cc home-atelier, where he has lived in relative seclusion since the 1970’s. His extensive body of work, well known and collected in France by connoisseurs, has begun to be introduced internationally. His recent, first auction sale in Paris sold 30% over initial estimations.
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