Lucie Delmas

Auvergne, France

My first encounter with the stone happened during a training course in the heart of the Auvergne volcanos. Then I trained to be a sculptor, and started working on wood and clay. I settled in Haute-Loire in 2004 as a sculptor, when I began working on my own creations while delivering more traditional pieces as well.

Artist L. Delmas.

Creation allows me to experiment all kinds of stones on which I design contrasts between raw and smooth materials. I found out that those average-looking stones can display veins worthy of the best marbles, thus offering infinite possibilities. Growing up and now living close to nature has made me explore and attempt to elevate the soft shapes of these stones. (…)

Artist L. Delmas.

In an attempt to enhance the beauty of the stone, its grain, colours, veins and seams, I keep working on new animal-shaped creations. This is how the Thinkers of the Garden were born as birds, each one with its own personality, followed by the whales and other animals with softly outlined shapes.
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