Louise Cara

1955, Paris, France

Basically, my studies led me to journalism and communication. Upon turning 40, I left Paris and settled near Ménerbes, in the footsteps of my reference painter, Nicolas de Staël. As a self-taught artist, my first oil paintings were figurative, and exhibited quite early in Parisian galleries as well as emblematic places in the Lubéron. (…)

Artist L. Cara.

In 2007 my work dramatically changed course, with the discovery of the cities of Fez and New York. This revelation altered my style and my choices in painting. Thereon, my work and my gist were inspired by Taoism, Asian and Oriental calligraphy, shifting towards a refined expression of what is essential, with a choice of noble materials such as Japanese ink, beautiful Asian and Arches paper, smooth polyester canvas in white gesso, both immaculate and thick. (…)

Artist L. Cara.

My work is in continuous motion, in an unremittent quest of refinement and mastery. As time goes by, I am increasingly attracted to the conscientiousness and freedom of calligraphy masters : my line is assertively contemporary, superimposing intensity and transparency in the application of blacks and slate-greys. My chromatic palette is voluntarily minimal, in blacks, greys and whites. An invitation to meditation, to serenity; a quest for both visual spirituality and artistic mastery.
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