1980, Zaña, Peru

LED (Luis Enrique Diaz Delgado)  attained instant recognition and success when he began to exhibit his work nationally in Perú in 2007.  His powerful sculptures, delicate and technically exquisite, became immediately sought after by collectors and acclaimed by critics.

Artist LED

Recipient of the National Award for Sculpture of Peru (IPAE), LED is considered one of the most important sculptors of his generation in Peru. He masters traditional stone carving techniques of his native Andean region working primarily hard stones (marble, granite, onyx, obsidian).

Artist LED

Reinterpreting in contemporary terms the technical and stylistic heritage of one of the oldest cultures of Peru, he strives to “get out the essence from the stone, to show its true color, its soul”. One of his main sources of inspiration is the feminine energy, which Diaz Delgado assimilates to Mother Earth and to the Universe.
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