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Art is a passion, an emotion and a sensitive relationship with the material. Harmoniously combining Art and Design in order to capture the history of a place while reflecting a style that is both trendy and timeless remains the heart of our profession.

Art & Design

Maison Lorence Art Gallery developed naturally through Maison Lorence Interior Design, an interior design firm that has been creating unique spaces and lifestyles for customers in residential and commercial settings since 1996.

In collaboration with New York Sotheby’s International Realty and Puerto Rico Sotheby’s International Realty, Maison Lorence has been entrusted to give life to numerous prestigious and confidential projects. Maison Lorence’s approach integrates Art and Design to enhance each space while capturing the client’s way of life.


This vision is an asset that has allowed all the skills related to Art, Design and Interior Design to develop and evolve in a complimentary fashion. Thus, each project, whether associated to Maison Lorence Art Gallery or Maison Lorence Interior Design, benefits from this exceptional expertise, supported by teams of multidisciplinary professionals bringing together all of their knowledge to collaborate efficiently in the realization of all projects.

Our Philosophy

Advocate of creativity and individual expression, Maison Lorence Art Gallery pays close attention to artists.Maison Lorence Art Gallery works with renowned and emerging artists. Sensitivity and open-mindedness are an essential part of the process of selecting each work so it can be truly appreciated.
From the beginning, we forge an intimate connection with the artist based on admiration and respect. This is fundamental for us to comprehend our artists’s propositions and to better represent and value them.

Our trade requires in-depth knowledge of the arts and the art market, but also the ability to surpass information already available about an artist’s production. With a keen eye attentive to all aspects of production, we strive to discover and understand the sentimental significance of an artist bringing to life a piece while drawing inspiration from emotion.
A link uniting artists with their public, Maison Lorence Art Gallery wishes to promote with transparency and fairness the diversity of its artists internationally and with each of you.

Partners Boutiques

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Isle sur la Sorgue

Caribbean Gallery

Puerto Rico

France Gallery

F. de Vaucluse

Interior Design

Maison Lorence vous propose plus qu’une prestation, vous adhérez à un certain style de vie. En France, comme à l’international, notre maison bénéficie d’un réseau de marques exclusives telles que Pianca, Coro, Fim, Varashin, Sachi, Coolwood, Atico, H de Leos

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