Helder Batista

1964, Paris, France

The multidisciplinary work of Helder Batista leaves in evidence the frail balance of power relationships in a globalized world. His iconic production incorporates such diverse materials as resin, concrete, wood, neon, and oil and acrylic painting, and resonates with new interpretations some of contemporary society’s most distinctive signs, which collide with one another in carefully planned propositions. (…)

Artist H. Batista.

His acclaimed Gun series are beautiful objects and ominous reminders of the implications of an armed race escalation at the local level, at home, and internationally. (…)

Artist H. Batista.

More recently, the vocabulary of his critical discourse has expanded to revisit our current relationship to nature and to some of our most distinctive prehistoric roots, grounded in myth. The distinctive style of Helder Batista is always current, vibrant, and very urban.
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