Adrian Badias

1966, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Adrian Badias work includes sculpture, ephemeral installations, photographs and watercolors. It oscillates between a coarse materiality and a refined, ethereal quality, dwelling upon dark passages and luminous flashes. It is influenced by simple events, of daily life, like opening a hand.

Artist A. Badias.

Adrian Badias started making sculptures in the ceramics studio of his mother in Puerto Rico as a teenager. He would become later trained as a sculptor in the ateliers Cesar/Jean-Francois Duffau and Jean Cardot of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (1987-1992). He has a B.A in Art History and Archeology (Princeton University, 1987), and a Ph.D in Experimental Currents of Contemporary Sculpture (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, 2005).

Artist A. Badias.

He has been making art regularly since the early 1990s and has exhibited his work in France, Spain and Puerto Rico. He lives and works in Puerto Rico since 2016.
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